AOC shuts down Republicans opposed to her Green New Deal with video of flooded NY subway stations

AOC shuts down Republicans opposed to her Green New Deal with video of flooded NY subway stations
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House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to deliver another comeback on social media on Thursday, after Republicans criticised her Green New Deal for the environment.

Sharing a clip of a flooded New York subway station, where one person can be seen wading through water to get to the other side, AOC tweeted: “’The Green New Deal, which is a blueprint to create millions of good jobs rebuilding infrastructure to stem climate change and protect vulnerable communities, is unrealistic.

“Instead we will do the adult thing, which is take orders from fossil fuel execs and make you swim to work.”

Not long after sharing that footage did she quote tweet another clip, this time of a flooded New York City expressway.

Fair to say we’re sensing a pattern here.

“I’m so glad the filibuster is here to fix this oh wait,” AOC commented.

It isn’t the first time that she’s taken aim at critics of the Green New Deal either, with the New York politician sharing that clip of the Gulf of Mexico fire at the start of July.

“Shout out to all the legislators going out on dinner dates with Exxon lobbyists so they can say a Green New Deal is too expensive,” she wrote.

Remarks about Exxon, the oil and gas company, came after a leaked undercover video reportedly showed a lobbyist from the firm confirm that they did “aggressively fight against some of the science”.

“Did we join some shadow groups to work against some of the early efforts? Yes, that’s true.

“But there’s nothing illegal about that. We were looking out for our investments. We were looking out for our shareholders,” the individual, identified as Keith McCoy, said in the video.

ExxonMobil later published a statement in response to the recording saying that the “comments made by the individuals in no way represent the company’s position on a variety of issues” – including on climate policy.

“We condemn the statements and are deeply apologetic for them, including comments regarding interactions with elected officials … We are shocked by these interviews and stand by our commitments to working on finding solutions to climate change,” they said.

Twitter users have since shown support for AOC’s comments, and expressed shock at the scenes shared by the Democrat:

Once again, the dangers of climate change are plain to see.

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