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PC users will be familiar with the dreaded "blue screen of death", while old XBOX 360 owners will know of the "red ring of death."

Now, iPhone X users are getting to know the "green line of death" which is plaguing their new OLED screens.

The Daily Dotare reporting that some owners of the expensive new device are being tormented by a thin green strip on the edge of the screen which isn't disappearing.

Lots of people have been sharing images on social media of their phones suffering with the unsightly problem.

The issue was first reported on Mac Rumours, with users claiming the line developed over a period of time. Many say that the phones have been used under normal conditions, with no physical damage being visible.

They also state that the problem isn't exclusive to just one version of the phone, with 64GB and 256GB devices experiencing issues.

Apple have been offering to replace the phones facing the problem, and are also said to be collecting data on the issue so they can investigate it further.

Tech Crunch add that an electrical problem in the phone could be the cause of the green line - as an incorrect voltage is being sent down that particular area causing the green sub-pixels to display incorrectly.

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