This art project shows men what it's like to be harassed on the street

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Being catcalled in the street can often be an uncomfortable, and at times a frightening experience for women.

A new exhibition is flipping that discomfort onto men, and poses the question: what would it be like if the roles were reversed?

Artist Terra Lopez interviewed 100 women and asked them to share real catcalls that they've received from men. Lopez then recorded men reading them out.

The exhibit ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ in California invites people to step into a dark room and wear a set of headphones with recordings of real catcalls, Uproxxreports.

Some of the catcalls include phrases like “you look like you give good h**d” and “Where’s your boyfriend?”

Terra Lopez said:

I hope that men hear this and know that we are not attacking you; we are just trying to let you know, this is what it feels like.

If we’re going to see change, more people have to step up and be vulnerable and hopefully we can make a difference.

The exhibit aims to educate men in particular about what it feels like to be harassed on the street.

Crystal Strait, President and CEO of I Planned Parenthood said:

What you’re learning about is how to speak up, how to be a man and say to your friend ‘No, that’s not cool, that’s not acceptable.'

You can watch Terra talk about it, and see a clip of the exhibition, below:

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