Left-wing activist, journalist and Jeremy Corbyn supporter Ash Sarkar gave a powerful speech on austerity during an appearance on Question Time last night.

Speaking to presenter Fiona Bruce, Sarkar responded to a comment from Liberal Democrats Deputy Leader Ed Davey, saying:

Austerity was not just a bloodless balancing of the books, it was paid for with people’s lives.

120,000 people. And the reason I think that gentleman yesterday was so angry, is because those of us who rely on public services, whether that's the NHS, whether it's the education system, whether it's benefits, have had to endure suffering for a decade while we've had the same line repeated by Tory MP's about ending the deficit, and how tough choices there are to be made. 

You didn't have to pay for those choices the way ordinary people did! 

Many people on social media loved the clip.

Others weren't as impressed.

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