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Fashion is one of the most subjective forms of self-expression there is.

But although none of us should care what other people choose to wear, we all inevitably have opinions.

UK-based fashion website ASOS, known for producing certain garments that some would deem very “out there”, have produced a range of crop tops for men. It’s safe to say that everyone has an opinion on them.

What any one person chooses to wear is entirely their prerogative, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from weighing in.

ASOS’s customer service Twitter account tweeted in October 2017 that they were "aware we don’t currently have a men’s crop top".

But just a little under a year later and the brand have rectified this burning injustice. Personally, we’re thrilled - it's the perfect garment for nipping to the shops for a pint of milk.

H/T: UniLad

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