People rush to an ATM in India after it dispenses five times the amount of cash requested

People rush to an ATM in India after it dispenses five times the amount of cash requested
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"Did someone say free money?"

People rushed to an ATM in India after discovering it dispensed five times the amount of cash they requested.

It was first discovered by a man in Maharashtra's Nagpur district who tried to withdraw ₹ 500 (£5.2).

However, he was in for the surprise of a lifetime when he got five currency notes of ₹ 500 from the cash dispenser.

He decided to repeat the process and got ₹ 2,500 (£26.1) while trying to withdraw ₹ 500.

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This occurred on Wednesday (15 June) at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of a private bank in Khaparkheda town. It is around 30 km from Nagpur city.

Soon after, news of the cash spread, and a large crowd gathered outside the ATM to withdraw some funds.

This continued until one of the customers at the bank notified the local police, who rushed to the ATM and shut everything down. According to NDTV, an official from the Khaparkheda police station said that they informed the bank.

The official also noted that the ATM was dispensing extra cash as a result of a technical glitch.

"The currency notes of ₹ 500 denomination were erroneously kept in the ATM tray meant to dispense notes of ₹ 100 denomination," the official added.

There is no case registered in this connection so far.

In other surprising money glitch news, Julia Yonkowski, a woman from Florida, withdrew $20 from an ATM.

And when she checked her account balance, she realised that she had become a billionaire with a whopping $999,985,855.94.

It was unclear as to what caused the glitch.

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