Barack Obama shuts down the seven biggest excuses for not voting


You may have heard that a fairly big election is coming up in the United States soon, and people are doing all sorts to get others to register to vote.

Everything from clickbait to Taylor Swift is proving to be an effective tool in getting people to register for the midterm elections.

But what is former president Barack Obama going to do to convince the American people to cast their ballot on 6 November?

Thanks to a video from ATTN: Obama is calling out some of the weakest reasons that people choose to abstain from voting and, to be honest, it is great.

Although some of the reasons would cause most people to roll their eyes, they are excuses that nearly all of us would have encountered at least once in our lives.

Yet for every lame excuse, Obama proves that he has an excellent response which is both entertaining and informative.

The excuses and some of Obama's best lines from the videos are as follows:

1. I don't care about politics.

Look, I don't care about Pokemon but that doesn't mean that it won't keep coming back. 

When you opt out it allows others to essentially fill that void.

It allows them to do nothing about the things that you'd like to see the government do.

2. I can't relate to the candidates.

For way, too long politicians haven't been representative of America as a whole but that is changing this year.

More women are running for office than ever before. 

More LGBT+ candidates are running for office.

First-time candidates. Young veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Young leaders from across the political spectrum.

3. My vote doesn't matter.

The last presidential election turned on fewer that 100,000 votes in three states. More people go to Coachella.

By the way, you wouldn't let your grandparents pick your playlist so why would you let them pick a representative who's going to determine your future. 

4. Midterms are boring.

Elections aren't boring. You know what's boring?

Scrolling through endless pictures of your dinner on Instagram. That's boring.

5. I am uninformed.

There are people running for office who don't think that women should get equal pay at work. 

Who don't think that we should do anything about schools getting shot up or people who don't think we should raise the minimum wage for people who are working their tails off every day and still can't afford to pay the rent.

You can't use Google to figure out which of your local candidates think the Earth is flat and who think that climate change is a hoax? Google is super easy to read.

6. I don't know where I'm supposed to vote.

Do you know your address? If you do, go to, plug in your address and it'll tell you where you can vote. 

It's that simple. 

7. I don't have time to vote.

I understand that it's not always easy to find time to vote on a Tuesday.

That's why in every state you can get an absentee ballot which you can mail in or drop off, ahead of the election date. 

In 37 states, you can actually vote early, which is like going to a private Jay-Z and Beyonce concert but without Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Simple and you know what the best thing about this video is? It would work for every country in the world.

So, if you have a friend or family member that is sceptical about voting and politics so them this and hopefully it will change their mind.

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