This baseball fan stopped a fight by dancing

This baseball fan stopped a fight by dancing

Violence doesn't solve anything. Except that eight letter crossword clue you've been struggling with.

Unfortunately, scuffles outside of sporting events, gigs and other gatherings happen all too often.

Most of the time the police have to get involved to break up warring groups of people with a crowd mentality.

But thankfully, that wasn't the case in this video.

When things started to look hairy, one brave Cubs fan stepped in and busted some moves to break up a brewing fight.

The tension was immediately lifted, the crowd cheered and that Cubs fan continued to show off.

He was even joined by another fan and an impromptu dance off kicked in.

It's awfully similar to Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt, solving problems through the medium of 'gettin down'.

Watch the video below:

Turns out the fan was unleashing 'The Whip,' a dance move featured in this 2015 video.

You'd like another Chris Pratt dancing gif?

Why not.

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