Everyone's in love with this man dancing in the cold and it's not hard to see why

So, umm, you know how every so often a viral sensation comes along and all you can think is, man, I wish we were friends.

Introducing the new such person. His name is Justin, and he apparently lives in New Orleans, but the video he uploaded to YouTube recently looks a lot colder than Louisiana.

It's just him, his beard, and a buddy with some speakers, dancing along an icy pier in tracksuit bottoms to the entirety of Alicia Key's 'No One':

At one point, our man slips on the ice. But does he care? Does he hell.

He just picks himself up and keeps on going:

i100 has contacted Justin to ask him a) where he learnt to throw shapes like that and b) whether he'll consider doing another dance to Hotline Bling.

If you needed a metaphor for getting through rough days, look no further:

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