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It's sad to say, but one of the running themes of 2018 have been the string of white people calling the police on black people in America, purely for existing.

The first high profile incident came after two African American men were arrested after a member of staff called the police on them because they were sitting in a Starbucks in Philadelphia and hadn't bought anything.

Second, there was the now famous BBQ Becky, who took it upon herself to call the police on a group of African Americans having a barbecue by a lake in Oakland, California. Their crime? Erm, enjoying themselves and having a barbecue...

The there was Permit Patty, who reportedly called the police on a young black girl in San Francisco. Her crime? Selling bottled water to raise funds for a trip to Disneyland.

After her, there was Pool Patrol Paula - the white woman who decided to call the police on a black boy in South Carolina because he was using a community swimming pool. Yes, you read that correctly. She deemed that reasonable to call the police.

Now, it seems BBQ Becky, aka Jennifer Schulte, is back up to her same old tricks, this time calling the police on a group of black cosplay characters during a photo-shoot for Black Geeks of Dragon Con, at Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia. reports Mashable.

A photograph appearing to show Schulte by Otis Casey Photography has gone viral after it was posted to Facebook. At the time of writing, it has had more than 4.4K shares.

In the picture, Adams is right at the front apparently calling the police on the cosplayers, who give her some impressive side-eye looks.

Speaking to Mashable, Casey claims that when he uploaded the photograph yesterday, he wasn't expecting such an incredible reaction:

Honestly I'm surprised that it has taken on a life of its own.

He continued:

I like the response where Kilmonger is giving her the evil stare.

This incident did not ruin the festive mood during the shoot

Instead everyone got a huge laugh out of this. For that I am glad.

He explained that the photograph wasn't planned, but it actually developed naturally after some of the cosplayers spotted Adams in the area, and encouraged her to get involved.

However, he's also conscious of the larger problems that the photograph represents, and the harsh reality of police brutality towards the African American community in America.

Unfortunately outside of Dragon Con this will eventually happen again minus the laughs.

Thankfully in this instance, the photo was staged, and no Permit Patties or BBQ Beckies were present at Dragon Fest.

Many of his Facebook followers also expressed their enthusiasm for the image.

One wrote:

Someone fr***** cosplayed BBQ Becky... I scared our cat, by laughing too hard.

Another enthused:

Best cosplay idea.

We can't help but agree.

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