Bernie Sanders has a brother who is standing for election in the UK

US left-wing politician Bernie Sanders announced this week that he wants to run for president – but he’s not the only person in his family trying to get elected.

Bernie’s brother Larry is also running for office: in the UK.

Larry grew up with his brother in New York but moved to the UK in 1969 and has been an active member of the Green Party here for well over a decade.

He’s the party’s candidate for the Oxford West and Abingdon seat next week.

Larry seems about as left-wing as his brother: he’s campaigning on reducing inequality and correcting the “stupidities and injustices” of our economic system.

Both brothers have already held elected office: Bernie is a US senator, while Larry was elected as a Green councillor on Oxfordshire County Council in 2005.

Neither are the frontrunners in their respective elections, but judging by what happened between the Miliband brothers, perhaps that’s for the best.

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