Bernie Sanders supporter gets brilliantly shut down after saying she voted for Trump as a 'joke'


A Bernie Sanders supporter has gone viral for saying that she voted for Donald Trump as a "joke".

L’Wren Tivka appeared on a Vice Round Table conversation to talk about a whole host of issues currently effecting the world, including the #MeToo movement and Donald Trump’s presidency.

Tivka, who joined a group of social activists, including LGBT+ campaigner Blair Imani and Deja Foxx, revealed that she voted for Donald Trump - and went on to explain why.

“I really did not like Hilary Clinton,” Tivka said.

I actually did a lot of community work for Bernie Sanders as well, and I don’t know, I literally sat in the voting booth for like, it was a long time. I honestly didn’t even think he [Trump] was gonna win, so part of it was kind of a joke, but again, I… I don’t know.

Her comments came as a shock to some of her fellow panellists, in particular Imani, Foxx and writer Kate Robards, who exchanged telling looks.

Deja Foxx interrupted Tivka: “I wanna speak to the privilege that that holds, for that election to be a joke for you.”

“It wasn’t really a joke,” Tivka rushed ("You just said it", Foxx interjected), and backtracked with her comments.

Let me recant what I meant by a joke. I didn’t like either party, if Bernie Sanders was on the ticket, I would have voted for Bernie Sanders because I really did, at the time, really love what he stood for.

Because he really did a lot of grassroots… and I related to him as a Jewish American and I thought that socialism was the answer but then what happened with Hillary Clinton when she stole the election from him, you know, I couldn’t vote for her just because she was a woman so I did vote for Trump.

"Why not write in?" Blair Imani asked. This means voting for someone, in this case Sanders, despite the fact that he wasn't an official candidate.

Tivka replied: "Because that’s not – that’s wasting a vote."

But it was a joke vote?

The internet was unimpressed.

So were the panellists, who later took to Twitter to react.

"We were all the way alarmed," Imani tweeted. "COME THROUGH @Deja_Foxx YOU REALLY SAVED THE DAY... I couldn’t even speak but my facial reactions say it all," Kate added.

Foxx was scathing with her words:

The craziest part of this whole thing is this girl is from MY HOMETOWN in AZ!

How can you you live an hour off the border in an immigrant community and think the 2016 election was a joke?


Others echoed their statements.

And the memes soon followed.

Tivka later "recanted" her comment about voting being a joke:

I want to recant my statement. I think voting is important and when I said it was a joke, I think that was kind of an inappropriate thing to say.

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