Tory MP Steve Baker roasted after referring to himself as 'Brexit hard man' on live TV

Tory MP Steve Baker roasted after referring to himself as 'Brexit hard man' on live TV

Brexiteer and ERG member Steve Baker is one man, much like many Tory backbenchers, has been making a name for himself amongst all the turmoil in Westminster.

In the past few weeks, Baker has declared that an extension of Article 50 would be a 'political calamity' and tweeted a video of a train dubbed the 'Brexit Express' that went backwards.

He was back in the headlines yesterday for a bizarre title that he bestowed upon himself when being interviewed live on Sky News.

After being asked he how felt following the second set of indicative votes not being passed in the Commons, Baker said this:

Well, everyone knows I'm Brexit hard man Steve Baker, as far as I'm aware.

This is almost definitely a tongue-in-cheek comment from Baker, but it's just another example of how exasperated and confused MPs are becoming by this entire debacle.

Footage of Baker's rather boastful statement has since gone viral overnight and let's just say that people aren't seeing the funny side of his gag.

Baker is clearly referring to a moment in the BBC documentary The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg's Inside Story where the Tory MP, almost on the verge of tears, admits to the camera that he is prepared to vote against Theresa May's deal for the third time.

Indy100 has contacted Baker where he confirmed that it was a reference to the aforementioned documentary.

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