Blogging rev gets death threats as independence debate heats up

Jonathan Brown
Wednesday 10 September 2014 10:00

With the website attracting 600,000 unique readers a month, Wings Over Scotland has made its founder – former video games journalist Rev Stuart Campbell – a key figure in the online independence referendum battle, which few doubt has been won hands down by the Yes campaign.

The rat-keeping pastor, who lives in Bath and is unable to vote next week, has become a hero of the nationalist cause. But he has also become a magnet for the animosity.

Mr Campbell, 46, says he has twice been forced to call in the police after receiving death threats – a claim that has been questioned by his opponents.

“I get absolutely torrents of abuse every day from people wanting to fight me and punch me. Most of it is just shouting on the internet. But every now and again you get one which is faintly plausible and then you have to get the police involved,” he told the Independent.

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