Brits have noticed that the government’s new booster logo looks a lot like a packet of Hula Hoops

As news of increasing cases of Covid-19 in the UK that are linked to the Omicron variant continues, Boris Johnson held a press conference on Wednesday to emphasise the best methods to stop the spread of the virus.

Referred to by health chief Sajid Javid as "probably most significant threat to public health since the pandemic began", the UK prime minister is urging everyone to get the vaccine booster.

In fact, that’s the main bit of his new campaign.

Johnson unveiled a new short and sweet slogan on his lectern to get the message across that reads: "Get boosted now."

And while most people agree with the sentiment behind the slogan, many couldn’t help but point out one odd aspect of the banner design.

“Can anybody PLEASE explain why they’ve obsessed over this O? What’s the significance?” one person asked about the new slogan design.

In response, people began to link the unusual use of the emphasised “O” to a packet of Hula Hoops—and we’d be lying if we said the similarities aren’t uncanny.

But hey, we’re not here to influence anyone’s views on the resemblance between a government slogan and crisps!

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Judge for yourself and see what a few people had to say about this important issue below:

“Watching the conference and started craving packets of Hula Hoops all of a sudden,” read one tweet.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hula hoops are round! They’re staying round! And they’ll be round FOREVER!!!”

“Created by a junior staffer whilst eating hula hoops I think,” another tweet read.

Another joked, “Hula Hoops are too premium for this government.”

“The wife asked about that on the lectern and I said it's being sponsored by hula hoops. She nearly believed me,” wrote another.

What do you think?

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