Boris Johnson is a divisive politician who, despite his controversies, may well be in the running to be the next leader of the Conservative party.

Now, whilst he hasn’t yet launched an official leadership bid, and Theresa May is still clutching the prime minister position in her hands, the likelihood of a general election after Brexit is ever present.

So, in order to remind the electorate that “Boris Johnson cannot be trusted with the future of this country,” campaigning group Our Future, Our Choice created a spoof campaign video.

You know, just in case.

Cathleen Clark, campaign coordinator at Our Future, Our Choice, and a member of Momentum is one of the people behind the video, and she wrote in The Independent:

Britain’s biggest buffoon could stroll into No 10 within weeks. His plans are no secret: tear apart any agreement Theresa May makes with Jeremy Corbyn, including a customs union, chuck the backstop in the bin, and set alight any protection we have secured for workers.

The video starts:

I love this country. Who would have thought that I could rise from the humble beginnings of Eton and Oxford all the way up to prime minster, a seat once held by Winston Churchill and Jesus Christ.

David Lammy had some very choice words

Some people had trouble distinguishing reality from parody…

(It was THAT good)

Others thought it an accurate representation of a campaign video by Boris

But mainly, people were loving it

In a PLEASE NO kind of way

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