A veteran Tory MP has appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics East show and said that Boris Johnson is 'guaranteed to let you down in the end'.

Keith Simpson, who was a Conservative MP for 22 years, told the host that he left the party largely as a result of Johnson becoming the leader.

In a scathing attack, he said:

The one thing you can rely upon is that he will let you down and he comes with a lot of baggage.

Simpson went on to say:

Any moderate person looking at his track record over many, many years there is a long list of things in which he didn't deliver on, or he avoided battle.

You always get the impression of Boris that the first sound of gun fire Boris has got the last plane out as it were.

He concluded:

It may be that the only people who can succeed as modern leaders and prime ministers of political parties have to have complex personalities, and be able to, not so much as lie, but to dissemble.

Faint praise, indeed. In fact, scathing criticism from a traditional Conservative.

HT New European

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