Boris Johnson insists he would beat Jeremy Hunt in a mud-wrestling competition and the jokes were hilarious


Boris Johnson might be avoiding a verbal debate in this crucial time leading up to the final leadership vote, but it looks like he would gladly get a bit more physical and take part in a naked mud wrestling event.

Yes, Boris boasted he could definitely beat his competitor, Jeremy Hunt, when asked by the ConservativeHome today whether he "felt compelled to challenge him [Hunt] to a nude wrestling contest".

The Tory frontrunner said:

I would defeat anybody in such a contest, were I obliged to do so, but that's not how I propose ot win this.

But his challenge did not go unnoticed, as Hunt took to social media to hit back, tweeting "absolutely not", and then adding: "If he turns up to the debate we can have a quick wrestle after".

The internet couldn't help themselves and just had to weigh in on the potential contest.

Well, there's only one way to find out. Shield your eyes, everybody!

HT The Sun

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