Boris Johnson’s first act as PM will be to decide what to do in a nuclear war

Self-styled jester Boris Johnson has taken the throne, after Tory members voted for him to become prime minister on Tuesday.

Until now, water cannons likely constitute the most serious fire power the former mayor of London has had experience of dealing with in his political career.

That all changed today.

One of his first acts as prime minister on Wednesday will be to decide the protocol for a nuclear attack.

Moments after taking over from Theresa May, he presumably penned the “letter of last resort” to the chiefs of the UK’s nuclear Trident submarines, informing them of what they should do if Britain’s leaders are all killed in a nuclear strike.

Copies of the letter will be sent to each of the four vessels and will be opened only if such an attack takes place.

Here’s an excellent thread from nuclear historian Julie McDowall, detailing the process.

People couldn't help but imagine what Mr Johnson's version of the letter might look like. Shockingly, some worried he might not be quite up to the task.

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