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Every now and again, a piece of journalism comes along that is so groundbreaking, so era-changing, so earth-shattering that it literally blows your socks off. This, dear readers, is one of those.

In a series of tweets, the Daily Mail's deputy political editor John Stevens has revealed that Boris Johnson, the prospective prime minister of the United Kingdom, appears to have worn the same pair of socks three days in the past week.

We wouldn't put it past Boris, really. It's very on brand.

On Saturday, the Tory leadership favourite was pictured wearing the distinctive history-themed hosiery at a hustings event in Birmingham, and they appeared to be on inside out.

Then, on Monday, when the blonde-haired politico met with the BBC's political correspondent Laura Kuenssberg for an interview, he was wearing again what looked like exactly the same pair of socks. Whether they were inside out or not was harder to establish.

Finally, on Tuesday, yes, you guessed it, the leadership hopeful sat down for a bizarre interview with Talk Radio's Ross Kempsell, and... *DRUMROLL PLEASE*, he appeared to be wearing the same distinctive socks yet again.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Stevens laid out his argument, alongside a series of well-placed photographs.

The £5.99 socks are from the British Museum shop and depict King Ashurbanipal, who was the ruler of the Neo-Assyrian Empire between 669 and 631 BC, reports the Daily Mail.

At the time of his reign, it was the largest empire in the world, stretching from Cyprus to Iran, and its capital, Nineveh, was also the world's largest. King Ashurbanipal called himself 'King of the World'.

We wonder if Boris is trying to give out a message with his sock-choice?

Speaking to Mr Stevens, a spokesman for Mr Johnson said he owns 'multiple pairs' of the distinctive hosiery.

Many social media users called for Mr Stevens to win the Pulitzer Prize for his masterpiece in investigative journalism. We can't help but agree.

Another summed it up...

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