Boris Johnson launched his Conservative leadership campaign with a patriotic message about bringing the country together again, and his intention to deliver Brexit – even if it means leaving the EU without a deal on 31 October.

However, it was his refusal to talk about his past alleged drug use that drew criticism, despite previous admissions that he had taken the drug when he was at university.

The former foreign secretary previously admitted using cocaine as a 19-year-old but then also claimed he had not actually snorted the drug in a separate interview.

Pushed on whether he had ever taken cocaine at the time, Johnson replied: "I think the canonical account of this event when I was 19 has appeared many times and I think what most people in this country really want us to focus on is what we can do for them and what our plans are for this great country of ours."

During his leadership campaign opener, he was asked whether he had ever done anything illegal, Johnson simply said: "I cannot swear that I have always observed a top speed limit of 70mph."

A number of Tory leadership candidates recently revealed their past drug use, whilst others denied ever using illegal substances.

Sajid Javid’s team said the home secretary has never taken illegal drugs, nor has Marke Harper.

Here are the politicians who have spoken about it:

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