Logan International Airport
Logan International Airport
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Boston’s Logan International Airport tried to join in the social media frenzy on Earth Day ... by promoting its on-site parking garage.

The tone-deaf tweet, which was deleted, encouraged travelers to park their cars at the airport when flying out of Logan International. 

“For those traveling, parking at the airport brings you close to your terminal and reduces the impact on the environment. #EarthDay,’ the tweet read.

Instead of reducing the impact on the environment like the tweet suggests, using individual cars to drive to the airport actually harms the environment, critics have pointed out. 

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That’s just common sense. 

Rather than drive and park at the airport, the airport offers bus lines that can take flyers directly to the airport, which would be a less harmful option. In addition, parking at the airport costs $38 per day.

“Just generally curious what the thought process was that lead to their thinking that encouraging driving was somehow good for the planet,” Jonathan Berk tweeted. “The best answer here is they did it out of desperation for parking revenue...” 

“It was clear the post lacked context,” said Massport spokesperson Jennifer Mehigan in a statement to the Boston Globe. “We decided to remove it so we could reassess our messaging going forward.”

Mehigan clarified further by demonstrating how parking at the airport could save a couple of trips rather than being dropped off by someone.

“Passengers who park at the airport generate two car trips versus four for pick up/ drop off,” she added. “We recommend passengers look at all their options before heading to Logan.”

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