Young boy receives amazing gifts after no one turned up to his birthday party

Nick VinZant/Facebook

Nobody should ever have to celebrate their birthday alone, but that's sadly what happened to one unlucky boy in Tucson, Arizona.

Six-year-old Teddy was hoping to spend his special day with 32 of his schoolmates at a Peter Piper Pizza restaurant, but not a single one turned up.

His mother, Sil Mazzini, had already been told by a few parents that their children wouldn't be able to attend, but the sight of Teddy sitting by himself on a huge table is enough to break even the coldest of hearts.

Mazzini sent the picture to local journalist Nick VinZant who asked the folks on Facebook to make Teddy's day and wish him a happy birthday.

Speaking to ABC15, Mazzini joked that she was "done with parties for a while". Yet, she needn't worry too much as it appears that Teddy now has some friends in very high places.

VinZant's post went viral and he soon found himself inundated with birthday messages and gift offers for Teddy.

However, a lot of people have questioned why the family chose to post this picture online and a few have even accused it of being staged, and that their child or a family member attended.

VinZant has since tried to quash these claims by informing people he has spoken to the mother and venue to confirm if the family were there.

On a more positive note, the marketing coordinator for Peter Piper Pizza, Jennifer Krebs, has said that an alternative party for Teddy will be taking place at his school complete with all the usual trimmings.

Teddy has also thanked everyone for their kind messages and gifts in a Facebook video posted by Craig Thomas of Tucson News Now.

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