Led By Donkeys

By now you're probably aware of the activists Led By Donkeys who have been erecting billboards around the country featuring 'tweets' from renowned Brexiteers and politicians.

The campaign has already taken aim at the likes of David Cameron, David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg for quotes they had said about Brexit and the referendum.

Now they have their sights set on Arron Banks, the co-founder of Leave.EU and a claim that he has made about Brexit.

The messages included in the posters, which are being digitally displayed from a van, include Banks declaring that 'the Norway option' is the best for the UK, a tweet that he posted in December 2015.

Another billboard features a tweet from the BBC about Banks being referred to the National Crime Agency and their investigation into the Brexit campaign funding, with another asking where the £8 million that he donated to the campaign mysteriously came from.

If that wasn't enough, the tweets are being displayed outside of Lysander House, in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, which is a building owned by Banks and was once the home of Leave.EU during the Brexit campaign.

Other tweets shown outside the location include those from Leave.EU and one from Nigel Farage, a close associate of Banks.

The tweets were displayed on Monday.

Led By Donkeys have stated that they are yet to receive a comment from Banks or Leave.EU in response to the comments.

indy100 has contract Leave.EU for comment.

HT Bristol Live

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