If you thought every weird and wonderful political story of 2018 had happened, think again.

An award-winning clown (yes, a clown) has written to the Guardian newspaper to complain about a link between clowns and parliamentary behaviour.

Responding to a Guardian article titled “Our elders are supposed to be older and wiser. But not these Brexit clowns”, David Konyot said that the use of the word "circus" to describe the mess of Brexit was "distasteful".

He wrote:

I am a prize-winning international musical clown, part of an honourable profession, and am deeply offended by the misuse and misrepresentation of “clown” in connection with parliamentary or other forms of chaotic behaviour.

Unlike the comparison the press constantly draws, a clown or indeed a circus must be orderly and efficient to work properly. And in the case of a circus, it takes teamwork – which is the opposite of the impression the press gives.

The original article had attacked UK politicians for failing to reach an agreement over Brexit or schedule a vote in parliament, highlighting an age divide and stressing the consequences EU withdrawal could have for young people.

Clowns haven’t always had the best press in recent years. The adaptation of Stephen King’s IT left clowns having to defend their profession. The horror movie reportedly led to an increase in clown-phobia and a downturn in business.

After a photograph of the letter, which appeared in print, went viral, people on Twitter were full of support for the disgruntled clown.


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