Literally no one showed up for a pro-Brexit demo in Doncaster, report says

Literally no one showed up for a pro-Brexit demo in Doncaster, report says

Brexit was supposed to be on October 31 but due to Boris Johnson, somehow managing to get a worse deal than the original one achieved by Theresa May, the UK remains in the EU.

An extension has been granted until January 31 and we now have a general election to deal with, which might just sort out the fiasco but don't bank on it.

Meanwhile, the good people of Britain have taken to the streets to vent their frustration about a lack of Brexit. Or did they?

According to The Star, a local publication in South Yorkshire, a huge pro-Brexit rally was due to take place in Doncaster (an area which voted 69 per cent to leave) on Saturday morning with protesters told to gather outside the Civic Offices in Sir Nigel Gresley Square.

However, organiser Jay Beecher, a former Vote Leave coordinator, reportedly pulled the event just hours before it was due to start citing a lack of donations and the general election.

The Star quotes Beecher as saying:

The events are sadly postponed for many reasons, including a lack of funding (only enough was raised for 3 coaches - 150 people).

He has also confirmed the cancellations in a series of replies on Twitter.

A spokesperson from the event is also quoted as saying, before the cancellation, that the protests were going to incorporate an element of civil disobedience.

The event is being held as Brexit was not delivered on October 31 and will incorporate civil disobedience – a highly effective form of demonstration so far not used in former pro-Brexit marches.

The story has since begun to do the rounds on social media, with Remainers using it to mock Brexiteers.

There were small protests in London, over the past few days, but their attendance was low compared to recent Pro-Eu demonstrations.

Elsewhere, there were reports of a poorly attended demo in Boston, Lincolnshire, the area with the highest vote leave per centage in the UK.

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