Kay Burley points out one fundamental flaw in the Brexit Party's election campaign launch

In case you hadn't noticed we are fully in the swing of general election season and all the major parties are in the early stages of their campaign.

This includes the new kids on the block, the Brexit Party, whose intentions are pretty straight forward. Make sure Brexit happens...and that's about it.

The party launched their campaign on Friday at an event at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster where Nigel Farage laid out their goals for the election.

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In his speech, he asked Boris Johnson to withdraw his Brexit deal and propose a leave alliance with the Conservatives, something that was swiftly rejected by the prime minister.

Farage has also said that the Brexit Party will contest every seat in the nation and took a shot at the Tories for thinking that they were in-tune with the so-called 'Workington man' and being far too focused on London and Westminster.

Sky News' Kay Burley, who has been dishing out putdowns left, right and centre this week, noticed something odd about this statement from Farage.

Taking to Twitter she pointed out that if Farage wants to appeal to people outside of the Westminster, then launching your campaign in Westminster probably isn't the most logical thing to be doing.

Burley's tweet has since gone viral, and needless to say, people are loving this astute and accurate takedown of Farage and his mates.

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