Dominic Raab called out after suggesting people were told about a no-deal Brexit before the referendum

Ever since the results of the 2016 EU referendum, we've been left clueless as to what will actually happen once the UK leaves the European Union.

Now that the new date for leaving the EU, October 31, creeps ever closer the dreaded phrase 'no-deal' is being sung from the rooftops by seemingly ever member of Boris Johnson's cabinet.

Foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, who ascended to his new role in government last week, appeared on the BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Monday where the subject of no-deal came up again.

While trying to defend a no-deal Brexit scenario, Raab claimed that it was made very clear to the British public that leaving the EU without a deal was a possibility.

We made clear – those on the campaign – that we should strive for a good deal, but if that wasn’t available, that we should go on and make a success of Brexit, and so that was discussed…

I was questioned on it by the BBC almost every time I appeared and so was Michael Gove… There’s all sorts of interviews which said that of course we’d prefer a deal, but that there would be a risk.

In fairness, the institutional memory of the BBC is a bit sketchy on this as a whole, so you’re not alone.

However, Raab's claims that a no-deal was promoted to British people in 2016 would appear to be completely unfounded. Channel 4 have run a fact check into the Tory MP's boast, which has come up a bit sparse.

According to the broadcaster, there is no evidence in any interviews given by Raab or Michael Gove in the lead up to the referendum ever warning about a no-deal.

A clip of Raab from Radio 4, has already been viewed more than 139,000 times on Twitter and people aren't letting the 45-year-old get away with it.

HT BBC Radio 4

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