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DUP leader Arlene Foster shared a bizarre photograph last night of herself hanging out with Labour MP Kate Hoey.

As Labour are currently trying to topple a Conservative government that has been propped up by the DUP, you would think Foster and Hoey wouldn’t be the best of friends.

But the two politicians, who were joined by former Labour MP Gisela Stuart, appear to have bonded over their support for Brexit.

It seems unbelievable that an MP for a left-wing party like Labour would chose to spend their free time with the leader of an infamously right-wing party, but Brexit has made everyone lose their heads a bit recently.

The image received a violently negative reaction from people on social media.

Many commenters were split into two camps.

First, there were those who went for an intellectual but problematic Shakespeare reference.

You don’t have much moral high ground when you're referring to women as witches.

However, the second group went for the guilt-free “girl group who’ve aged badly” joke.

Hoey, who has been an MP since 1989, will not be standing for Labour in the next general election – which explains why she gets away with spending every day trashing her own party on Twitter.

However, she has not ruled out the possibility of standing for another party – such as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

The MP said it was unlikely she would stand in the next election earlier this week, but added: “Who knows what would happen in politics in the next couple of weeks.”

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