Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay completely mispronounces Jean-Claude Juncker's name in a TV interview

Brexit is a little more than a month away and it will give everyone great encouragement that the MPs overseeing the negotiations are well aware of their peer's names in Brussels.

During an interview with ITV News on Tuesday evening, the Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay was asked about what he has been up to in Brussels and Strasbourg in the past few days ahead of renegotiations.

Except it didn't quite go to plan, as the 46-year-old MP for North East Cambridgeshire proceeded to completely botch the name of the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

This is what he said:

Well, it's to build on the engagement that the prime minister had last week with Jean-Paul Kjuncker and to...

That's actually what he said. 'Jean-Paul Kjuncker.' What is this? An episode of The Day Today or Brasseye?

Perhaps we should cut Barclay some slack as he's only been in the job since November and nobody knew who he was before that.

However, Twitter is a cruel mistress and people were less than forgiving for this otherwise inexplicably bad pronunciation of one of the key players in the EU.

Who is this new Jean Paul-Juncker that Barclay has been talking to?

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