This man's unfortunate encounter with a fence may be the perfect Brexit metaphor

Sophia Ankel
Saturday 16 March 2019 10:30

Hello again, it's us, just checking in to see if you have managed to survive what seemed like the longest Brexit week to date.

So far, all we know is that Theresa May is somehow still going on about her Brexit deal, that MPs are so confused that they voted against themselves (*cough cough* Stephen Barclay), and that more and more people are getting angry.

And while it now looks like we might have to hold on just for a little while longer, we have just the thing to cheer you up.

Behold yet another amazing Brexit metaphor, but this time its a video of a man attempting to climb over a temporary barrier in the middle of a busy road, before getting stuck and falling.

The video shows a man confidently stride over to a traffic fence before trying to climb over, only for him to fall backwards, pulling the entire barrier along with him. After untangling himself from the mess – and this is arguably the best bit – he tries to put it back up again instead of running away.

Of course the responses were rife with Brexit allusions, and people couldn't stop laughing.

At least the man doesn't run away from his dilemma, something we can't say about our politicians.

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