This Brexit analogy about a cup of tea is making Brexiteers furious

This Brexit analogy about a cup of tea is making Brexiteers furious

Whether you voted remain or leave, one thing most of us can agree on is that Brexit is both excruciating and a disaster.

Comedian James Acaster’s analogy of Brexit has gone viral for capturing how many people now feel about Britain’s decision to leave the EU. With Theresa May desperately trying to defend a deal that no one likes very much, the resurfacing of this clip, which was recorded in 2016, couldn’t be more perfect.

Acaster described a situation where his flatmate was making him a cup of peppermint tea and asked if he’d like the bag left in the mug or if he’d prefer it to be taken out.

He said:

If you leave the bag in, then over time the cup of tea will get stronger. And it may appear that the bag is getting weaker but it’s now part of a stronger bag of tea.

Whereas if you take the bag out, the tea gets weaker and the bag goes directly in the bin

Comedian James Corden said that the analogy was the "best description" of Brexit.

In an interview with The Guardian, Acaster said you "wouldn't believe" how annoyed some people get at his joke.

You’d be amazed at how angry Brexiteers get about it. If you voted Leave, try not to lose your mind in the comments section or on social media about what’s quite a whimsical metaphor.

Judging by these replies on Twitter, he's not wrong.

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