Theresa May wants to hold a third vote on her Brexit deal and everyone is asking the same question

Less than two days after MPs rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal for the second time, the prime minister plans to hold yet another vote on her unloved deal.

Following another humiliating Commons defeat on Wednesday evening with conservatives defying the government by voting to take a no-deal exit off the table permanently, May promised to hold a third vote next week.

Struggling with a severe sore throat, May’s voice was barely audible when she told the commons that she would go to Brussels to ask for a short delay to Brexit – but only if the commons approves her deal next week .

But many people are not impressed with the PM's plan and are asking when the public will get the chance to vote again on Brexit.

Others are just bored of the constant re-runs of the so-called "meaningful vote".

While some simply regard the"meaningful vote" as a joke at this point.

May has warned MPs that if her deal fails again to get their backing, a lengthy delay to Brexit may be needed.

Her warning comes ahead of a Commons vote today on whether to ask the EU for permission to delay Brexit beyond 29 March.

Although no date has yet been set for the third so-called "meaningful vote", The Independent understands it could take place as early as Monday, leaving time for a fourth attempt before 20 March if it is defeated again.

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