Using your phone on holiday is about to get much more expensive (because Brexit, obviously)

Using your phone on holiday is about to get much more expensive (because Brexit, obviously)

Brexit is almost upon us and finally Boris Johnson’s merry men are explaining exactly what being a resident of a post-EU United Kingdom is going to mean.

The government have just released a whole new load of information about what will be required to visit Europe from 2021.

Funnily enough, right now it mostly seems like a lot of inconvenient paperwork. But we're sure we’ll start seeing the payoff very soon. Just after the economic freefall is finished, of course.

The latest irritating consequence of parachuting out of the EU that’s become apparent is one that will cut deep: the loss of free mobile roaming data in Europe.

Yes, from 1 January 2021, you can say goodbye to your precious free 4G and ability to WhatsApp your mum holiday snaps with zero extra charge.

Free roaming had been introduced by the EU in 2017 but now we’re leaving their warm bosom, Brits are no longer covered by the regulations. Meaning mobile phone companies can once again ramp up the cost of using data abroad.

None of these lawmakers have clearly ever launched a dating app while abroad, or this would not be happening.

Never fear though; a new law will “protect” consumers says the government.

How? By making phone companies tell consumers if they’re going to spend more than £45 while roaming. So you’ll get a text if you’re about to go over that threshold – but not before. Great.

There’s not much you can do to dodge these fees, but check with your provider how much they’re going to charge you before you travel and consider swapping to a pay-as-you-go SIM for the trip to ensure you can’t accidentally spend £30 attempting to upload an Instagram.

Also, forget an ad hoc holiday with your pet because travellers now need special "pet passports" that take four months to process.

Road trippers should also check the new regulations too because drivers will require new documents, including an International Driving Permit in some countries.

Oh, and European Health Insurance Cards are now void; travellers will have to buy new health insurance.

And yes. We will have to stand in different, slower queues in the airport.

At least Nigel Farage is happy. Right?

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