Theresa May says Nigel Farage 'doesn’t work in the national interest and can’t deliver Brexit’

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Prime minister Theresa May has said she doesn’t think Nigel Farage could “deliver Brexit” and is advising people not to vote for his party in the upcoming European elections.

Speaking at a rally in Bristol, she told a crowd: “Nigel Farage can’t deliver Brexit.

Every few years he pops up, he shouts from the sidelines. He doesn’t work constructively in the national interest.

She added: “Next Thursday I want people to vote Conservative.

“Because it’s only the Conservatives who can deliver Brexit and take this country forward into a brighter future.

“No one else can get the job done,” she said, according to the Evening Standard.

The newly formed Brexit Party is the most popular group for European elections, but only among over-55s, a new poll for The Independent shows.

In that age group the 55-64 age range boasts 30 per cent support - significantly above the Conservatives on 8 per cent and Labour on 15 per cent.

In the 18-24 age range, the party has just 6 per cent support while Labour enjoys 38 per cent backing.

Nigel Farage hit back at claims that he received financial support from millionaire backer Arron Banks, and told voters at an indoor market in Dudley, West Midlands:

These are historical allegations that have been made. Nothing to do with the Brexit Party and nothing to do with this campaign.

Questioned as to how the Brexit Party is being funded, Mr Farage said: "That is the really big story - I agree with you.

"We're well through 100,000 people now who've signed up as registered supporters, all paying their £25. This is a genuine grass-roots upwelling of people who've had enough and want to get moving."

Asked if he had received up to £450,000 from Mr Banks a year after the 2016 referendum, Mr Farage said: "Unfortunately not. If it was true it would be lovely."

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