Brexiteer believes UK will survive no-deal as 'we've got plenty of rabbits and can plant potatoes'

Greg Evans
Wednesday 13 March 2019 13:30

At this point in Brexit, with just 16 days until the deadline, we'll honestly take any sort of positive.

Maybe it'll be the fact that we can travel around Europe with a Visa or border checks in Northern Ireland? However, one thing we potentially overlooked was the abundance of rabbits that we have.

That's what a man named Bevan believes, anyway. Speaking to BBC 5 Live on Tuesday night, from a pub in Dover before travelling off to Austria on holiday, he said:

I think we should stick up two fingers to the EU. We're Great Britain. We've got plenty of rabbits in the field. 

We can plant potatoes in the back garden. We've managed before.

Yes, that was something that was broadcast on national radio. We're not sure people are really cut out to start scavenging and hunting for our food again but Bevan seems pretty confident about obtaining food in a natural way.

This rather staggering reason to go through with a no-deal Brexit has started to do the rounds on social media and people are lost for words.

Predictably, there were a few Elmer 'I'm hunting rabbits' Fudd jokes.

I think we can all agree that things will be fine, even after we've killed all the rabbits after eating way too much rabbit and potato stew.


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