Theresa May finally killed the biggest lie of the Leave campaign

Theresa May finally killed the biggest lie of the Leave campaign

There must have been some red faces in Downing Street after the prime minister revealed the NHS would not be receiving extra money.

Chortling away at their folly,, many have pointed that it was one of the big promises during the EU referendum campaign.

Namely that £350 million would be spent on the NHS if voters chose Brexit - every week!

How silly of them. We're sure they'll recitify this.

Wait, what?

News has emerged that the prime minister Theresa May confirmed to the NHS chief what many have suspected all along.

The £350 million promised by Vote Leave to be spent on the NHS is not going to happen.

Picture:The pledge for NHS funding continues to be the campaign group's Twitter header photo

The Guardian reported on Saturday morning that May had spoken to the head of the NHS and told him there would be no cash injection for the health service in the upcoming Autumn statement.

The Autumn statement will be the first given by Chancellor Phillip Hammond, and is scheduled to occur on 23 November.

May is reported to have informed Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, about the deicision in a meeting on September 8.

Stevens was told the NHS ought to make 'efficiency savings' to fill the £22 billion hole in its finances, and not ask for more than the '£10 billion extra' already on offer during this parliament.

May, a quiet Remain supporter, is now the prime minister of a government delivering the verdict voted for by a majority of voters.

People aren't very impressed.

Nigel Farage was the first Brexiteer to dump the pledge, doing so just 24 hours after the referendum.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling later called the promise 'an aspiration' not a cast iron pledge.

Boris Johnson also distanced himself from the £350 million pledge in the days following the result.

He had other things on at the time, like pulling out the knife Michael Gove had somehow misplaced in his back.

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The government seems to be running out of Leave promises, making one wonder what exactly constitutes Brexit other than Brexit.

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