Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle was not a happy bunny yesterday after prime minister Theresa May postponed the parliamentary vote on her contentious Brexit deal.

He was so unhappy about it, in fact, that he decided to take dramatic action - he grabbed parliament's 'ceremonial mace', and attempted to leave the Commons with it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Fellow members of parliament were completely horrified by the statement, and Russell-Moyle was eventually stopped from exiting the House by two female serjeant-at-arms staff, who forced him to give it back.

The mace is a 'symbol of royal authority' and without it parliament can't meet or pass laws. It essentially looks like a huge fancy golden stick that's been transported from the Tudor times.

After speaker of the house John Bercow got involved, the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown finally agreed to leave.

Obviously, Twitter users were quick to respond with a lot of jokes.

The last time someone grabbed the mace and tried to make a run for it was nearly a decade ago. In 2009, Labour MP John McDonnell was suspended from the Commons for five days after he grabbed the mace in protest to the government's decision to allow a third runway at Heathrow airport.

In 1976, Tory shadow industry secretary Micheal Heseltine - nicknamed Tarzan - waved the mace over his head before his colleague James Prior wrestled it from his hands, and the speaker suspended the sitting.

There you have it, folks, British politics really is wild.

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