Brexit Party candidate mocked for saying he wants the UK to have 'British fish'

Brexit Party candidate mocked for saying he wants the UK to have 'British fish'

A Brexit Party candidate is demanding ‘British fish’ in his latest video urging the UK to leave the European Union.

Christopher Barker, who is a “prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the constituency of Great Grimsby,” has recently uploaded a video clip claiming he wants “British fish from British waters.”

In the video, he said:

Well it’s towards the end of a good week in Grimsby. I’ve just come around to Cleethorpes to pick up some boxes from the printers. It’s a beautiful day, I thought I’d give myself a quick break.

Being Friday, it’s fish day. I’m going to settle down for 15 minutes with my haddock and chips, thoughtfully wrapped in an old copy of the Brexiteer.

He concluded with this demand: “We want British fish, from British waters. Landed on British shores. And trawled and processed using British jobs.”

Siri: What is ‘British fish?’

People online are confused.

Others wondered: how will you know a British fish is a British fish?

Chocolat author Joanne Harris sums it up:

And there is, of course, this public service announcement:

The Brexit Party has been contacted by Indy100 for comment.

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