Bride does mundane chores in her wedding dress to get her ‘money’s worth’


A bride has decided that the only way she can get her money’s worth for her dress is by wearing it to do everyday chores, including cooking and cleaning and shopping.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt, 54, married Steve, 57 earlier this month. She wore a £300 wedding dress on her special day, and she’s been wearing it for a bunch of other not-so-special days, too.

The bride, from the Isle of Wight started a blog about her wedding dress adventures, Metro Online reported.

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She said: “Usually you only get to wear your dress once and then you put it in a box and forget about it.”

But I liked mine and decided to wear it the following day for a BBQ with friends and everyone loved it.

She went on to create a “bucket list of adventures” for her wedding dress.

Previously, like most women I put my dress away, never to be seen again but this one is going to have memories. 

I plan on wearing it every now and then until my first anniversary next year, it will be covered in seaweed; wine stains and probably won’t even be white anymore but I don’t care.

Dawn has certainly taken it out for a walk - even taking it shopping.

“When I arrived at the check out in the supermarket, the lady said she had received a message through her earpiece saying ‘bride in aisle 12’ which is pretty funny.”

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