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A mum has been reunited with her son after she spotted him in a music video of the rapper and grime artist Bugzy Malone.

The grime artist revealed that the man is now back home and 'back on track' after being reunited with his family through the video for Run.

The video for Run, which features vocals from Rag'n'Bone Man, was re-shot to include real homeless people living on the streets of Manchester, as well as their real stories.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1Xtra, Malone said:

We changed the full video we already had it shot. We changed it, we got proper people of the streets of Manchester in there.

I got an email off a mum of one of the guys, the guy had been missing for six months to a year on a missing list. She said when she's seen him in my music video, it made her go out and find him.

The 27-year-old rapper, whose real name is Aaron Davies, continued:

A long story short, he tried to commit suicide and that kind of thing, and now he's back with his family.

She said when he was in his hospital bed, after trying to commit suicide, she showed him on my Instagram, I'd written a caption.

I said: 'You can't judge people, you don't know people's circumstances. This guy is special no matter what his life is right now.

He then added:

And when he'd seen that I'd said nice things about him, it inspired him to get his life back on track.

Now he's back at home with his family, he's got a girlfriend, he's on track.

For me that was one of the biggest signs that I'd accomplished what I'd set out to accomplish this year.

Malone posted photographs and a video of himself with the man to his Instagram account back in August.

In one post, he accompanied a video featuring the man with the caption:

He stood up smiling, picked up his bags and and said “I’m going to go and book myself into a warm hostel for the night” and I swear the feeling was better than when I picked up my Lambo.

Life might get you down, just do your best not to stay there for to long.

My guy was special regardless of his circumstances, you never know what people have been through.

Good to meet you my brother.

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