Call of Duty predicted the Wagner group's nuclear scare

Call of Duty predicted the Wagner group's nuclear scare
Putin breaks silence on Wagner mutiny with bland statement on young engineers

The world is seemingly unable to stray off a path that is taking it day-by-day into the realms of 'stranger than fiction'.

Over in the US, Between the pair of presidents, Donald Trump and Joe Biden made House of Cards weak in comparison to real-life drama.

In Russia, we're now mirroring (fairly predictable) plot points from the classic video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Following the weekend's attempted coup in the country against Vladimir Putin, it has been noted that almost the exact same incident occurred in the original Modern Warfare game, with clips from a pre-level briefing in the game resurfacing online.


CoD 4: Modern Warfare predicated this Russia situation YEARS ago. #callofduty #cod #modernwarfare #cod4 #gaming

Leading the briefing, the character Gaz mentions that "the world is in great shape, we've got a civil war in Russia - government loyalists against ultranationalist rebels and 15,000 nukes at stake."

Loyalists against ultranationalist rebels? Check. The Russian mercenary group called the Wagner group launched a mutiny against the Russian military, seizing "all military facilities" in Rostov-on-Don just days ago before kowtowing to a rocked Putin.

Nukes at stake? Of course. Fears of the nuclear codes falling into the Wagner groups hands lit up just before the weekend.

It all fell away very quickly, but the fallout from the event is ongoing.

As for the fictional world, the plot of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare revolves around a conflict in the modern world. The game is set in the year 2011 and primarily focuses on two intertwined storylines: the perspectives of a British SAS (Special Air Service) operative and a U.S. Marine Force Reconnaissance soldier.

The game begins with a prologue mission in which the player takes on the role of SAS operative "Soap" MacTavish, who is being trained by Captain Price. The story then progresses through a series of missions that take place in various locations, including the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

The main antagonist of the game is Imran Zakhaev, a Russian ultranationalist who seeks to destabilize the world by instigating a large-scale conflict between Russia and the United States. Zakhaev's plans involve the use of nuclear weapons, and the protagonists must work to prevent the consequences of his actions.

Despite the many releases since CoD4, it remains perhaps the series' most memorable instalment, and as time goes on, it might give The Simpsons a run for its money when it comes to the prediction game.

Ideally for the state of world peace, that hopefully is not the case.

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