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Storm Emma has taken it's toll on the UK, plunging most of the country into freezing conditions and battering it with snow and wind.

The results of this inspired some amazing stories and moments, much to the amusement of people from snowy nations.

Ski centres had to close because there was too much snow, a surgeon in Glasgow walked for nearly three hours to get to work and someone even tried to ski through central London.

One person who we can guarantee didn't appreciate the weather was the owner of this car in Tower Hamlets, East London, which was frozen solid thanks to the adverse conditions.

The vehicle was spotted by local police on Thursday, who then shared this very tongue-in-cheek tweet.

How the car came to be encased in that amount of ice was reportedly down to a burst water main, which showered it with water and nature did the rest.

The image inspired a bit of fun on the account, with people replying with their own observations and jokes.

Updates would suggest that the condition of the car hasn't got any better.

The owner of the car is yet to be identified but, regardless, we don't envy the de-icing job that they will have to eventually perform.

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