Hero surgeon treks for three hours through snow to help patient

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A brave and dedicated surgeon battled against the snow and wind in freezing conditions in Glasgow to operate on a patient.

The unnamed female doctor reportedly walked eight miles for almost three hours from Anniesland in the West End of Glasgow to Paisley, Renfrewshire to complete the surgery.

According to the Scotsman, the anonymous individual did not want to be named as she didn't want to take credit for doing her job, despite going to extraordinary lengths to do so.

The patient in question was due to undergo surgery that day and she didn't want to let the person down. Her amazing commitment and effort was praised by her colleague Andy Renwick.

The colorectal surgeon told BBC Radio Scotland:

She walked from Anniesland to Paisley – it took her two hours and 50 minutes. I saw her come in, she had snow goggles on, Gortexed up, top and bottom, snow shoes and walking poles.

She is operating today on someone who has bowel cancer, she knew that had to be done and so she has made extra effort to get in here to make sure that was actually delivered.

Dr Renwick added that this wasn't the only selfless act that he had witnessed at the hospital during the bad weather.

Trainee foundation doctors stayed in the facility overnight waiting for others members of staff to arrive. He added:

Last night we had foundation year one doctors stay in hospital overnight without having bought anything with them.

They have remained overnight and remained in the hospital waiting for colleagues to turn up.

We have had phone calls from their colleagues assuring us that they are trying to get in and they are waiting for transport to try and get in so they can actually relieve them.

Hopefully, we will be able to take the ones who can get home today home later on.

Stories like this haven't been a rarity in during the adverse weather. Doctors and nurses in Sunderland and Newcastle slept in hospitals in overnight so that they could care for patients.

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