Woman figures out the perfect way to ask for the name of a cat in another building
iStock and Twitter screengrab

A woman’s unlikely friendship with a cat she spotted in a window across from her work recently made its way online, prompting others to share pictures of their kitties.

Erika Strong, who works in marketing for Shopify, found a cute cat peering from a window in a building across from her.

Majestic and long-furred, she instantly fell for the pet, and spent weeks staring out of the window wondering what their name was.

So she decided to ask.

Six weeks later, the cat responded. His name is Marshall.

This is Marshall.

She then proceeded to show Marshall that he’s gone viral online.

Cats + internet = Golden content.

Cat-owners online took the opportunity (as they are known to do) to share pictures of their cats, too (and their names).

Like Booger T Jones.

And Knox.



Kato Lincoln Towncat (why?).

And this neighbour's tiny dog.

The post was shared 66,000 times, because cats on the internet never, ever stop being adorable.

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