This vintage clip of Holly Willoughby on CBBC in the mid-2000s has just been discovered and it's the best thing you'll watch today

You thought the worst holiday of the year was over, right? You were like: "Another Valentine's Day been and gone and we survived the awful endless stream of cheesy content about people being in so-called love!"

Well, unfortunately we have one more for you. We can only apologise. BUT this story is just so good we had no choice but to share. Please stay with us.

TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan tweeted yesterday to share the best Valentine's Day story you will ever hear.

Basically, some time in the mid-2000s, he found himself live on children's TV, where he was presented with a gift from his then-girlfriend just months before he came out.

He then proceeded to plead with the internet to help him find the clip:

(The best detail here is 100 per cent the fact that it was Holly Willoughby who gave him the card?!)

In an incredible twist, Twitter came through and found the episode for him.

It was a naibiting ordeal as Bryan gave us tiny nuggets to keep us in the loop while the internet frantically tried to find the exact moment.

The jump cuts! The outfits! The grainy footage! It is everything,

Eventually though, the clip we were all awaiting surfaced, and honestly it's the most incredible vintage TV we could ever wish for.

A very very awkward-looking 13-year-old Bryan is faced with every teenager's worst nightmare - having to discuss his relationship status with grown-ups. And on television. And with said relationship being with a girl when he's actually gay.

Honestly it's the most adorable (yet somewhat painful) thing we've ever seen.

People had so many thoughts. So many questions. Where to even begin?!

Anyway, happy post-Valentine's Day day! We'll leave you with this inspirational message:

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