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We've all been through those awkward teenage years. No one escaped them. You could have had a bad haircut, a permanently pained expression or particularly eyebrow-raising style - the awkward phase is an inevitable stage of life.

Fortunately, those awkward years are now used to help victims of Hurricane Maria.

Stephen Colbert and his guest Nick Kroll agreed on The Late Show to donate money to help aid efforts in Puerto Rico every time a celebrity shared an awkward photo from their younger years.

This is how the #PuberMe hashtag was born, and it’s proven to be quite a success.

Colbert kicked things off nicely:

As did Kroll:

Jimmy Kimmel was quick to respond:

Along with Sarah Silverman:

And Gina Rodriguez, who shared her velvet phase:

There was this photo from Judd Apatow,who really nailed the butter-wouldn't-melt look:

Only topped by Angela Kinsey and her perm:

And here's one from Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City:

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