Woman sends boyfriend to seduce her best friend. It backfires horribly

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When participating in hidden camera YouTube shows you really have to expect the unexpected.

Take Kelsey, who recently appeared on the popular YouTube channel, To Catch a Cheater.

The show, which should be fairly self-explanatory from the title, puts people in situations which will test their commitment to a relationship.

Kelsey apparently wanted to see if her best friend Britney would be tempted by the advances of her boyfriend Sam, during a random interaction.

In Kelsey's own words:

I feel that she cannot really be trusted.

She's the kinda girl that likes somebody that's already dating someone. 

All the guy's that she's dated are currently in one. 

What follows is a coffee shop interaction between Britney and Sam in the middle of the day, while Kelsey watches the footage elsewhere.

Sam and Britney make small talk before the subject turns to Halloween parties and Britney's upcoming birthday.

Sam then offers to take Britney out for her birthday, "you know, just you and me."

Considering Sam was supposed to be playing a role here, you could say that he was coming on pretty strong.

Things then start to get very touchy-feely, which understandably makes Kelsey uncomfortable.

Kelsey then says:

I think you already know I like you though. Wish I could find a guy like you.

To which Sam replies:

I really plan on breaking up with her.

If I broke up with her right now, would you want to be with me?

An incensed Kelsey asks for the video to be stopped but not before she sees her boyfriend and best friend kiss.

Furious, she phones up Sam who makes a brutally honest point about the nature of her experiment:

I thought this is what you want.

You set this up, this is for us.

I'm saying now you know what she's all about.

Watch the full clip in the video below:

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