Woman sends twins to try and seduce her boyfriend. It backfires horribly

YouTube / To Catch A Cheater

A woman tried to catch her boyfriend out to see if he'd cheat on her - but it wasn't for the reason you might think.

The girlfriend enlisted the help of the team behind the YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater, ​who set people up in scenarios to see if they cheat, and secretly film it.

The woman's boyfriend, a broadband engineer, goes to a house to help install someone's internet - the owners aren't your typical clients though, they're both actors set on catching him out.

One of the twins tells him:

Have you modelled before? I’m sure you have. You’re, like, super hot.

He laughs and thanks her.

She then asks him to help her pick between two sets of lingerie - yeah, it's not the most subtle of shows.

If that wasn’t bad enough, her twin sister joins in with the flirting. They ask him:

What if you could have both?

And he replies:

I don’t think I should be getting that involved.

Undeterred, they keep laying on the flirting, but he doesn’t give in. He tells them he has a girlfriend and loves her.

The girlfriend, who watched the whole thing on hidden camera and, says she feels guilty for setting him up.

Then she drops the bombshell that she’s been cheating on him with a colleague at work. She says she doesn’t plan on stopping, so she wanted her boyfriend to cheat in order to break up with him more easily.

Here's the full video:

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