Chick-fil-A responds to 11-year-old boy who spent all his birthday money to feed homeless people
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An eleven year old used all of his birthday money – 150 dollars – to buy meals for homeless people. Now, he’ll be in a commercial for Chick-fil-A, after the chain found out about his act of generosity.

Brycen Gault received $150 for his birthday earlier this week, and told his mother that he wanted to use it to buy meals for homeless people around his hometown of Augusta, Georgia rather than keeping the money for himself.

He told local news station WJBF that “during the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs, so they don’t have a lot of food and toys for their kids.” His mother was supportive of the idea of buying meals for his local community, and took him to Chick-fil-A so that he would be able to fulfil his wish.

Chick-fil-A reached out to Brycen and his mother, and said that they appreciated his act of generosity. They’ve been invited to Chick-fil-A’s headquarters in Atlanta in January, so that they can be in a commercial for the fast food chain.

Chick-fil-A is one of the US’ largest fast food chains, well known for its secret chicken recipes, originating from Georgia and most commonly associated with the southern USA. While it has courted controversy in recent years – such as the chain’s religious affiliations as well as the right wing views of its owners – it remains incredibly popular.

Gault isn’t done yet – before Christmas, he had hosted a toy drive, collecting toys for less fortunate children around him. His mother said she’s incredibly proud of him, and that he inspires her.

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